A GBS flowchart

I made this because I think the CDC one (and other’s I’ve seen) are kind of confusing. Hopefully this one is better.. it’s 100% functionally the same as the CDC recommendations. You can download it as a PDF here too! And don’t forget my (now recently updated) GBS frequently asked questions doc here!

GBS Information

Here’s what I’ve sort of come up with as sort of the “crucial” GBS info parents-to-be should know. Download as Word Doc (3 pages, 90K) Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and Pregnancy In summary: Every mother is tested for GBS bacteria around 35-37 weeks [ 1 ] (unless GBS was already detected in a urine test, […]

Little Lion Man

I’ve recently been hearing this song by Mumford and Sons on the radio and I like it. I found out what it was called and realized I liked it because it reminds me of Wren (but in a sad way). Wren’s Chinese name is 高 小 虎 (Gao Xiao Hu), which means “Little Tiger”. And […]

It was GBS

We got the autopsy back for Wren (I’ve scanned it as a pdf here) and it turns out he died of pneumonia due to Group B Strep. Everything else about him was perfect.

Chinese Wren and Cherry Blossom Painting

We received this beautiful Chinese painting of a wren on a cherry blossom branch from May, Brian, and Mason Goldstein. May asked her father, who seems to be quite practiced in the art of Chinese brush painting, to paint it for us. When Josh opened the box and we saw the painting for the first […]

Grief Processing by Reading

I can’t believe it’s already 6 weeks postpartum.  Yet it also feels like time has slowed down.   I think we’re doing okay.  Some days are a lot worse than others.  We spent a nice week in NYC last week – saw some old friends and ate at some of our favorite restaurants.  Did a […]

Wren’s Viewing and Cemetary

Thanks mostly to our four year-old niece Alyssa, we have some pictures of Wren’s viewing, and Woodlawn cemetary too… and then afterwards a little bit when we went to the Richmond’s in Riverside and the Santa Monica Pier.          

Celebration of Life Videos

Thanks again Uncle Robert        

How the Wren Became King

Adapted from a Manx Folk Tale   A long while ago when there were not so many people on the earth as there are now, and the birds and animals had things about their own way, a Cuckoo gave a tea party.   She invited all the birds there were, from the great Eagle, through […]

Celebration of Life Pics

Thank you Uncle Robert for sending me the video and pictures you took of Wren’s Celebration of Life .. posted here for all eternity!