Happy First Birthday Juney!

Juney turned one on Thursday, and they had a poster for her at school. We visited Wren’s new monument and went to the mall and had some Tutti Frutti, and had a little party on Saturday! After the party we visited Stephani, Kyle, Gavin, and Rudy’s new house in Rancho Palos Verdes…. Your browser does […]

Another GBS Article About Wren

It’s this sort of weird service where they get a company to sponsor a “special health feature” and then they show up on USA Today in a little box. They did one on GBS and interviewed me for one of the stories. A Father’s Tragic Story

Home Birth Article With Our Story In It

A few weeks ago Michelle Goldberg interviewed me about a piece she was doing on the dangers of homebirth… it went up today: Home Birth Increasingly Popular But Dangerous

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wren

It’s the Terrible Twos all right. Mommy and daddy miss you little buddy. In a few years, Juney will miss you too.

The Skeptical OB: The doubtful father’s guide to homebirth

I just noticed this post over at The Skeptical OB that I wish I’d seen back in 2009! Of course, I couldn’t have, because it turns out, it quotes me!

Same story, different ending!

Rhianna just commented on the gbs and alternative remedies post: Hi there! I was just reading your blog. You are correct in saying there is so little out there about the Dangers of GBS… my son was born just 2 weeks before your Wren, he got pneumonia caused my GBS also. Luckily, we were in […]

GBS warning signs and symptoms

Guggie Daly posted a comment: I’m sorry for your loss! I wish that along with the routine testing and routine administration of antibiotics, the CDC would compel doctors to share the warning signs/symptoms with EVERY mother. Antibiotics given during labor are not 100% effective, but the false sense of security can lead to a fast, […]

One Year Dead

Happy Birthday little guy. I wish I could meet the one-year old you. I don’t even know what one year olds are supposed to be like. Walking around I guess, not talking yet? Maybe still crawling. Eating solid foods I suppose. How big are you supposed to be now? 20 pounds? 30 pounds? 40? I […]

GBS and Alternative Remedies and Treatments

About three months ago Marti from Group B Strep International asked if I would be interested in writing up something about all the various “alternative remedies” and “alternative treatments” for GBS and how effective they were. I said “sure!” And here it is, 3 months later (also available as a 1-page word doc): Group B […]

CDC Updated GBS Guidelines

The CDC updated their GBS guidelines today.. which is a pretty big deal! They first released their guidelines in 1996, then updated them in 2002, and now updated them again today. The full recommendations are here. The summary of the key changes are: • expanded recommendations on laboratory methods for the identification of GBS, • […]