Happy 3rd Birthday, Wren!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

With you being three years old and your birthday falling on a Saturday, we probably would have had a wild party!

Instead we had a more subdued one, with just the family, decorating your monument.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, and Juney






P.S. thank you to whomever put the tulips and chrysanthemums out!


Happy First Birthday Juney!

Juney turned one on Thursday, and they had a poster for her at school. We visited Wren’s new monument and went to the mall and had some Tutti Frutti, and had a little party on Saturday! After the party we visited Stephani, Kyle, Gavin, and Rudy’s new house in Rancho Palos Verdes….













Another GBS Article About Wren

It’s this sort of weird service where they get a company to sponsor a “special health feature” and then they show up on USA Today in a little box. They did one on GBS and interviewed me for one of the stories.

A Father’s Tragic Story

Home Birth Article With Our Story In It

A few weeks ago Michelle Goldberg interviewed me about a piece she was doing on the dangers of homebirth… it went up today:

Home Birth Increasingly Popular But Dangerous

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wren

It’s the Terrible Twos all right.

Mommy and daddy miss you little buddy. In a few years, Juney will miss you too.

The Skeptical OB: The doubtful father’s guide to homebirth

I just noticed this post over at The Skeptical OB that I wish I’d seen back in 2009! Of course, I couldn’t have, because it turns out, it quotes me!

Juney By The Arms

Baby pull ups.

A Juney A Day, January 2012

“January 2012 is a good place to start!”

From A Me A Day 2012-01, posted by Juney Jones on 1/02/2012 (31 items)

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A Juney A Day

Updated semi-automatically from Facebook!

“Someday I’ll turn these all into a video! Maybe when she’s 18.”

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Hello World!

(Not Wren!)

Well, sort of Wren… Juney Wren Jones was born at 11:08AM PST on Tuesday, November 29th at Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital. She is 18.5″ long and 7.25 lbs heavy and she kind of looks like this:

So far so good! Tweeny is doing fine too!

If you want to email Juney (she can read it when she’s older), it’s Juney at wrenjones dot com!